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AppTrap Games is The heavyweight king of the future of not only the Appstore, BUT THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY ITSELF!. It may seem like we are just another gaming company that have just as many common goals of the next guy, but just to make things clear . THAT IS NOT THE CASE! . Well maybe just a little bit, only because success is always a common goal of a company or else what would be the point? The point that we are trying to make in this industry to that we are taking things to a level the industry has ever seen and will be one of the most memerable times the the gaming industry has ever seen. Especially since the founder of AppTrap Games has one of the most inspiring stories one will ever hear in their lives. His story line consists of countless times he felt the pressures of life at an early age which shaped him to be the man he is today. He Claims to know that God has been helping him the whole way and plans to share is story of how God is really all you need to succeed in any goal you want to achieve as an entrepreneur as long as your morals and purposes are right . He also plans to visit High schools  all over the world  to talk to High School Students about the real word and how hard it is to make something of yourself without any clear direction or goals.

Need A Game Made For You?

What Platform Do You Want To Publish To?

The common choice is between Android, iOS, and Windows . The platforms you choose greatly affect your overall development expenses. For instance, payment integration and administration systems in Apple devices is 10-20% costlier than that for Android devices. On the other hand, If you opt for a hybrid model, it makes sense to go with the hybrid model because the increase in costs also brings in a wide market share and a possible scope of revenue.

Pre-Development costs

Having a great idea of the game or a well-documented plan can be the deciding factor in your success or failure with the game. We will help  the client on strategizing their  game’s story, levels, characters, etc. Its  a crucial step in game development. While this is an internal process, it doesn’t mean that it won’t involve any expenses. Depending on the complexity of your idea. 

We Do Everything For You

What does that mean exactly ?

Custom Graphics

Custom Level Design 

Custom Animations 

Custom Made music of any kind .

App Icon

App Submission

We will even Publish your game under our company developer account so you can get extra traffic from users who play our other games and want to see other games we have made,  But you will have full ownership of the game and everything in it , After all You are the one who paid for it anyway all we did was bring your idea to life. If you would like to publish the game under your own developer account that is perfectly fine too! That will just be a little extra work on your side as the client since they will have to make their own provisioning files and App IDs. 

What About Marketing?

AppTrap Games is more than happy to contribute to helping your game become a success on the market, after all theres no reason to even make a game if you're not trying to have people know about it. We will put the game on all of our social media accounts , but remember promotions are not free, Facebook , Instagram and twitter all have flexible budget promotion campaigns to help your game get more users playing your game. Making your game viral is challenging. You will need to invest heavily in advertisements to acquire and retain users. We can however help you make an advertisement video, that will be an extra fee unless it was already an agreement in the contract.

What We Charge And It Pays For Everything NO SEPRATE COSTS

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