The Nerd Who Met Hip-Hop

Kenneth Johnson Founder of AppTrap Games LLC


Our founder Kenneth Johnson is a very talented entertaining person.  Even though AppTrap games LLC is his first venture as an entrepreneur, he still has a clear vision of what he wants to accomplish with his company. Kenneth was inspired to start creating games because of the enormous success of flappy bird years ago. He also has a strong interest in Hip-Hop instrumentals and would listen to them daily like a regular song. So with this in mind, he decided to start putting rap beats on his games. Soon after combing game creation with Hip-Hop instrumentals, he got the bright idea to become a rap artist too, he said "It only makes sense to be a rapper", which is why he proclaims himself as  "The Nerd Who Met Hip-Hop", a  game designer who raps to the beats on the games that he creates. The sole purpose and mission he wants to accomplish with his company is to add a new element to the culture of Hip-Hop.